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His Little Girl by ReverseTheEclipse His Little Girl by ReverseTheEclipse
She waited, and waited, sitting by the door.

It had been ages, and still, he hadn't come home.
And it seemed like no one else around here gave a damn.

"Your Father has his own business, separate from us. When he's finished with it, he'll come back. He always has," Mother had said.

Mother would say whatever she had to to appease her three children. Could those words be trusted? Maybe.

"Suck it up and quit sitting by the doorway. You're starting to sicken me. He'll come back when he feels like it. Waiting there won't make him come any faster," Akaious had groaned in disgust.

Not like she cared what he thought.

Her other older brother offered the most consolation.

"Father wasn't even here when we were born, but, he came back eventually. He wouldn't just...up and leave us Claudia, you know that," Othadious had explained.

Yes...perhaps she could trust Othadious. had been months, and still Father was nowhere to be found.

Even so, she had noticed the skies growing darker than they usually were. The earth beneath them groaned and trembled with each step they took. Something had happened to throw the balance of this world off kilter, and everyone noticed it, even Kraid, who wasn't usually interested in anything that wasn't the result of his own actions.

And whenever he was impressed with something, you knew it was serious business.

She knew. She knew that Father, or Daddy, as she could get away with calling him, would know the answer.

And she knew he would tell her.
For you see, she was Daddy's Little Girl.
So much, he didn't even mind when she called him Daddy, gazing at him with those green eyes, sometimes glazed with apathy, but filled with the most interest whenever he was the focus of her attention.

He loved her most of all, almost more than he loved Ophelia, her mother. Sure, he loved his sons, for they embodied everything he would have put into a son, and he was given two of them.

And yet, something was different about his daughter, Claudia. What was it? They had been closer from the start.

She didn't always feel such deep emotion; and yet, this was the closest she would ever come.

She missed him. She really and truly missed him.
Sometimes, when her mother was busy, Othadious unable to spare a moment, and Akaious never wanting to barely talk to her, she would seek out her Daddy. No matter what he was doing, or what foul mood he appeared to be in from afar, he would soften up for her.

He had time. He didn't mind putting stuff down for his daughter, his little girl...the apple of his eye.

She was born shortly after the take-over. He had been killed by UnLight before the takeover occurred, but was resurrected by Kraid. She was too young to remember it. She felt lucky though, for Daddy never left home for those several years, eight or so, since to the heroes he fought, he was dead.

But he had watched and waited. His creator, Mukot, had taken over without him, and though Arandor of Light led the heroes in an on-going war to recapture control, neither side had broken...yet.

She remembered the day that Father almost giggled with glee. He had been watching. He knew his time had come.

They had a fight that night...he and Mother.


"Go back? Are you fucking insane? They'll kill you! You're not the powerful UnElemental you were before!"

"Shut up! Are you saying I'm weak? Feh, I don't see why I care what you think. Besides, I have to. I've been waiting for an opening for years now. My time has come."

"What time is that? Are you planning on dying again? Are you going to leave me again? What about your children? Do you even care? ...Never mind, I was stupid to think you'd give a damn about anyone besides yourself. You never have."

"Ophelia!! Shut up!" He screamed so loudly the room shook. "Everything I'm doing is for you! If I'm right, I'll be more powerful than anyone that ever lived. I can kill UnLight, and Arandor, and anyone stupid enough to stand up to me! I'll finally be so powerful people will fall before me. I'll have so much power I'll never be stopped!"

Her mother looked away. Ophelia wasn't one to show much emotion either, or to admit defeat easily. Maybe being a mother, and having three children to think about, changed her, just as it had changed him, even if he didn't show it as first.

Her eyes were clenched shut. She balled up her fists so tightly her arms shook. As Claudia watched, safe behind her corner, she saw something unusual; a tear falling down her mother's face.

But Ophelia wouldn't bend, or break; not for him, not for anyone. She had to be strong for the children. They were what was more important. If UnDark wanted to go, she couldn't stop him. She couldn't hold him back and protect him, not from anyone, especially his worst enemy; himself.

"Get out UnDark," she bellowed softly. "I don't care if you never come back."

She walked away. UnDark stared at her leaving. He looked...almost like he was hurt, which was unusual. Then, he looked at the corner. He saw Claudia, but she ducked behind the corner quickly, hoping she was missed.

She wasn't sure if her father was upset, but she did hear him whisper one more thing.

"You may not care...but, I will come back."


She believed her father. Even if her brothers and her mother didn't, she believed him. Othadious barely spent time at home anymore. Akaious was usually locked in his room, on the occasions when he wasn't teasing his little sister. Her mother kept to herself, but took care of the family, continuing with life as though UnDark's absence didn't matter at all.

And yet, she noticed that her mother got sadder and sadder every day. Akaious only got angrier. Othadious it seemed lived in disbelief. He lived as though he knew the truth, but could not and would not accept it.

All she knew is that her Daddy would come home. He had said so. She trusted him implicitly.

Just then, Akaious left the cave he called his bedroom and saw her sitting by the doorway again, keeping up her constant vigil as she had for days now. He growled, more irritated than he usually was, reminded of his father's absence whenever he saw his sister in this way. Once again, he took his frustration out on the little girl.

"Will you get the fuck up and go find something to do? You stupid girl! Father isn't going to come back!" Akaious shouted.

Claudia glared at him, her green eyes glowing. Her hair flew up a little, as if blown by an unseen wind. "Be quiet Akaious! Daddy will come back! He said he would! He said he would whether we liked it or not!"

Akaious sneered, looking just as angry. "Yeah right. The minute he showed his face that idiot Arandor killed him. I'd go and kill Arandor just for that, but, hey, it's Father's fault! He went back knowing he was weak. He didn't care. If he did, he wouldn't have left."

"Shut up Akaious!" Claudia cried again.

"What's going on here?" Ophelia walked in.
Othadious followed her. "Not again," he groaned.

"Stupid Claudia is sitting by the door again, waiting for Father to come home!" Akaious said, pointing at her.

"Go away!" she shouted, "Daddy will come back!"

Othadious could only shake his head. Ophelia sighed. She hated when the subject of UnDark came up. The twins had coped with it better; Claudia clung to UnDark's memory harder with each passing day. Months had passed, and she was still loyal to her father.

But maybe, it was time to stop hoping he'd come home.

Ophelia knelt down beside Claudia. "Claudia...even if he is coming home, waiting by the door won't make him come back quicker. If it annoys your brother, then let's find something else to do, for his sake."

Akaious grinned triumphantly. Claudia sneered, glaring at him with glassy eyes. "You weakling, using your sick heart to get away with everything. You're the pathetic one." She got up and wiped her eyes. Then she shouted, "No wonder Daddy thinks you're weak!! He said I was the only one who could ever be as powerful as he is!"

The grin disappeared. Akaious hated using his weak heart as an excuse, and this made the short victory he had from it feel even more worthless. "You as powerful as Father? Yeah right! You were born AFTER he had lost his power! You're the weakest one in this family, not me!"

Ophelia sighed, standing back up. "Akaious, Claudia...enough!" she commanded sternly.

"No Mother! Akaious is the one who should be punished! You ALWAYS take his side! When Daddy comes back I'll be the winner. When Daddy comes back...I'll..."

"For the love of motherfucking Hell Claudia!! For the last time!" Akaious screamed. "He. Is. NOT. Coming..."

The staggered shouts of his last declaration were cut short as that closed door swung open. Standing in the doorway was a familiar, but unfamiliar presence.

"Who is this..."he" you speak of, Akaious?"

Standing in the door, was UnDark. His eyes were closed. He seemed, different somehow. All four could feel massive energy radiating from him. His essence oozed and reeked of power, as though it could burst from him like a nuclear explosion at any second. A faint red aura glowed around him.

But it was still unmistakably him.

"Father?" Othadious murmured softly.

Akaious was without words. Ophelia walked up to UnDark, who continued to stand there with his eyes closed, a small grin on his lips. She paused, feeling confused by his entrance. She reached and took his hand, her eyes widening immediately. She backed away.

"UnDark...what's happened to you?" she asked.

UnDark's grin became toothy, bent in a wicked fashion. "Why Ophelia, only the fruition of my wildest dreams. I'm more powerful than I could ever have been as an UnElemental. Not even the Nega Elemental Eclipse could match this power. Not long ago, Father met an unfortunate end."

Akaious and Othadious stood together with their mother. Akaious asked, "Mukot is...dead?"

A laugh escaped UnDark as he stepped into the room. "Better yet, I killed him!" he cried. "Kalak was long dead, and he could not survive without Kalak to balance him. But I thought, what a waste of Father's power, and so, as I killed him, I absorbed that power."

Finally, UnDark opened his eyes. They were green, but often glowed between that emerald shade, and a bloody red one. His wicked grin twisted deeper. "Don't you see my son? I now wield the power of a Servant of Darkness...power older than the universe itself! I do not need Light to balance me. I can wield this power forever. Father was the eldest of the Servants of Darkness, and so, the rest must bow to me...along with the rest of this miserable universe!!"

The power raged and pulsed with each word he spoke. It was almost...too much, bordering on the verge of scary, even for this family. Claudia looked on in awe, but even she wondered if all of this power was what was best for her father.

" you...really have to rule over, everything?" Ophelia asked.

UnDark glared at her. "You're just jealous of me. I told you, everything I do is for you, and now you're jealous of my power." He turned away. "That's fine, I don't need you to raise my children and take over the universe. You can stay here."

Ophelia gasped, unsure of how to handle this new and increasingly malevolent UnDark. Akaious stepped forward. "Forget it Father, I'm not leaving Mother!"

Othadious nodded. "I'd much rather look after Mother and Autumn than to follow you as you split us apart!"

UnDark looked back, his eyes continually flickering between red and green. Still he grinned. "You're the ones splitting it apart. Your mother is jealous, and my own sons no longer love me. What a shame..."

"I'll go with you Daddy!"

Everyone looked to Claudia as she ran up to UnDark. She took his hand, soon latching on to his arm. She was unshaken by the tremendous power flowing through him. "Please Daddy," she begged, "I'll go with you. I...I still love you Daddy."

"Claudia!" Ophelia gasped.

The twins glanced at each other. They knew there would be no persuading Claudia to do otherwise. She was still a little girl, and clung to her father.

For a moment, his evil smile glinted with sincerity. Placing his free hand on her head, he looked down at her, her eyes meeting his. She rarely showed such emotion, and only would for her father.

He smiled still. "I know you do my dear daughter." He looked up, the evil shining through his pearly white teeth again. "You're the only one that still does."

"UnDark! You're not taking her away!" Ophelia shouted, her eyes flashing.

"No Mother! I'm going with Daddy! I will not stay here! I WON'T!" Claudia screamed.

UnDark cackled, blood suddenly running down his teeth, now barred like the fangs of a dog behind his curled lips. "She can handle the power Ophelia. It scares you. I intimidate you. Only Claudia can understand. You boys can stay with your mother, but, you will never know true power if you do."

He turned away and took a step out the door, but not before stopping and looking back, extending a hand to his daughter.

"Claudia!" Ophelia cried again.

Claudia paused before taking her father's hand. She looked back at her mother and brothers. As much as she loved her father, she hated the idea of breaking up the family. She looked away, looking back to her father's hand before taking it finally.

"I'm sorry Mother...maybe, if I go with him, I can convince Daddy to come home, and stay," Claudia thought to herself, sending her thought out telepathically.

Ophelia's eyes widened a little. She glanced back at Othadious and Akaious, who also heard it.

"But...she's just a little girl, what can she do?" Othadious whispered softly.

UnDark led Claudia out of the house, the door closing behind them. Ophelia gazed at it, trying to answer this question for herself. Perhaps Claudia could reach him in a way that they couldn't. Perhaps she could reach the father and partner that they knew, before thoughts of killing Mukot and taking his power had all but consumed him.

Maybe she could.
After all...

She was, Daddy's Little Girl.


Umm, yeah, I don't even want to know how long that is X_X

I got an idea for a short story as I was editing this, and wrote it here. This is basically a gift for Gem since she's been sick.

In this future, it's a slight twist on this alternate ending for WoLaD that I've created. It progresses as normal, right up until after UnDark is killed. After he's revived, Mukot begins his take over, and after a month or so he is killed and WoLaD ends shortly thereafter. In this version, the takeover lasts for many, many years, mostly because Kalak's power is still present in UnLight, and Mukot's force is so overwhelming.

It lasts for around eight years, long enough for UnDark and Ophelia to have their daughter Claudia. She's five years younger than her brothers, Akaious and Othadious.

She's UnDark's little girl, and yet, despite all he has to keep his mind busy, he becomes obsessed with thoughts of revenge, over...pretty much everyone. He realizes UnLight absorbed Kalak's power, and so, UnDark wonders if he could absorb his father, Mukot's, power in the same way.

He leaves, much to Ophelia's dismay. For the next few months, he stays in hiding, waiting for his moment, before killing Mukot and taking away all of his power, making him much more powerful than anyone that has ever lived. When he goes home, this makes him almost feel like a stranger. His power is too much for Ophelia to stand.

But Claudia only sees her Daddy standing there, and when UnDark leaves she goes with him, even as the twins decide to stay with their mother.

Even so, Claudia isn't so crazy about what is happening, and tells her mother she plans on trying to convince UnDark to come back home and finally let go of these ideas of revenge. Though she is just a little girl, Ophelia believes her daughter can do it, for clearly UnDark cares for her in a way he has cared for no one, ever.

Anyway, in this picture clearly Claudia isn't eight years old; I didn't draw the picture for the story. Maybe this is after she and UnDark have been going around taking over places while he gets his revenge and everything for many years, and she's grown up some.

She has this look of being on the fence with everything. She wants to be with her father but still wishes he'd knock all of this off and just go home. This would be after several years, maybe she misses the others, yes, even Akaious. It's that bad. But she'd never say this to his face. Ever.

Imagine his green eyes flashing to red on occasion. That sums up his new appearance in this story, that and a red aura around him, and a somewhat shaggier, beastly appearance. As for his teeth, he made the blood cascade down them on command, just to look intimidating X_X

Anyway, this picture has plenty of problems; UnDark came out better, but he was drawn second. Claudia's hair kinda threw me for a loop; the way Gem shades and highlights it, it almost look like it faded to blue naturally at the tips, but I wasn't sure, so I went with solid purple. I need a tutorial for shading traditional art.

And as for the last name, Gem and I have done it differently. She has it as Spades and I have it as Spade. I dunno if it's with or without the "s" at the end, but it's probably better that way so, ignore my spelling of it XD

Long description is long :XD: Yeah, no crits I know what the problems are thank you XP

UnDark belongs to me.
Claudia belongs to :iconinuyashas-hanyougirl: and :icongemzybabeesonamy:

LOL I did the icons just cause it looks like UnDark and Ophelia XP

~ Halo :blackrose:
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Vampire-Echidna Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A wonderful picture. I really like the power blue in her hair. You always manage to come up with some amazing characters :-)
ReverseTheEclipse Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you ^^ I owe Claudia's design to my friend Gem; UnDark's just her Daddy X3
Vampire-Echidna Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your most welcome!
Gemzybabee Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love this! 8DDDDDDDDDDD

i was grinning when i was reading it all
but then you caused akaious and claudia to fight again XD

ehh shes got blue at the end of her hair

the purple bits have a tint of blue at the end
and the white have somewhat a light purpleish colour at the end

but enough of that i loved everything bout this eee X3
ReverseTheEclipse Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn. You see, I ASSUMED she had blue on the end of her hair since it was consistent, same for the purple, but the way you did the highlights and everything I couldn't tell for sure. Gah, I'll get it right next time.

My art sucks anyway so who cares?

But glad you love the story :D
Gemzybabee Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
youre art rules D8<

and yes i loved the story
ReverseTheEclipse Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No it sucks XP I didn't get her hair right, plus I hate how she came out. UnDark came out better.

lol well I'm glad you did. Could see you getting excited over it XD
Gemzybabee Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol u were right i did =p
ReverseTheEclipse Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad I was right on that one! :D
Gemzybabee Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
KTWizard Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Like the different emotions they display. Simialer, but twisted into different forms of the same thing. Gentle happiness, and manic bliss. Awesome.
ReverseTheEclipse Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww thanks KT ^^ lol UnDark's been up to a lot over the past few months XD
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