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2015 in Review

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2015, 12:02 PM

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I should start off by saying this was the year of Luke Bertier XD I've just...really gotten into his character lol

Anyway as I said in my last journal I'm currently in Scotland with my little sis Gemzybabee!  I spent Christmas here but I still had gifts to open!

Well to start off back in September I got a brand new iPhone 5S! My first ever smart phone!  It is my Christmas gift from my parents and I love it very much. I can't imagine not having one now XD

This trip to Scotland was a birthday/Christmas gift to Gem but I can't say it wasn't for me too.  I can't say how blessed and privileged I feel to be here.  My aunt and my uncle also helped out big time with money and other things and I'm extremely grateful to them for that.  Still, despite the trip itself being a massive gift, I still had presents here!

Gem got me a Rosalina amiibo figure!  There's a story behind it.  We were out shopping in Glasgow and walked into one store and I spotted Rosalina there; the only one they had of her, and did a squeal/dive bomb for her XD She was one amiibo I knew I really wanted besides Lucario.  This reminds me; I did get a second Lucario so I could open one of them.  I'm so glad they did a re-release of Lucario among those few others...I don't think Rosalina was one of them, but I opened her. There was no way she wasn't getting used XD She'll always be special.

Besides Rosalina I got some Cadbury Roses candy, black mittens, some mittens with kitties on them, a Bambi pajama set, and a knitted hat from Gem's gran, some warm slippers and another hat with lollies on them from Gem's brother, a small manicure set, some cocoa butter, and a black pearl bracelet, as well as a gift card to the movie theater.

So far...Scotland is amazing.  Simply being with my little sis after 6 years...I can't say how much that means to me.  Being separated from someone you just feel like you shouldn't be.  This year was big because I conquered my fear of flying just to come see her.  Ironically enough flying was actually pretty easy and I didn't mind it at all!  I got to watch Walking Dead on the overnight flight over the Atlantic XD I had no panic attacks, nothing.  The only hitch I had was my luggage getting delayed, but everything arrived safely.  I'm so excited I get to finish this year here and get the start of the new one here as well.

Speaking of Walking Dead, that was another big thing.  This time last year I was watching the first five seasons since Gem encouraged me, and I really dove into it head on this year and I LOVE it.  She also got me into the Five Nights at Freddy's series, and Harvest Moon, Animal Parade and Tree of Tranquility specifically.

My Lord XD It was Luke that sold me on it.  When I saw him as one of the bachelors I was like...oh we're trying this alright XD and I LOVE him.  Both games are awesome...they've got pros and cons and I'd love a hybrid of those two games but still <3

As far as other video games the two big ones were Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and Hyrule Warriors, and I fully beat both of them.  I'm still so proud of beating Mysterious Figure on Critical with Terra in only about 20 minutes.  I even got back my 100% Final Mix file in KH 1.5 that I lost a couple of years ago. Gem helped me with that since I've been here.  I've also gotten to play and beat Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time since I've been here as well.

It's been a fun year video game wise XD

I didn't keep a day by day list of good things like I did last year, but I did do my art summary like I do every year!  Just for fun how about we show every one I've ever did and then the newest one?

Summary of Art: 2009 by ReverseTheEclipse Summary of Art: 2010 by ReverseTheEclipse Summary of Art: 2011 by ReverseTheEclipse  2012 Summary of Art by ReverseTheEclipse 2013 Summary of Art by ReverseTheEclipse 2014 Summary of Art by ReverseTheEclipse

2015 Summary of Art by ReverseTheEclipse

2015!  Again just because of me loving my Luke so much and drawing him I can actually look back on this year and say I've honestly improved!  Not too shabby I would say =3

I'm gonna resolve to try and be better about updating WoLaD I promise XD It just...kinda hit some snags this year for sense in getting into them XP

Ah before I forget...this year saw the conclusion of The Hunger Games with Mockingjay Part 2.  UGH! I already want to see it again XD Read the books people, but there were some parts in the movie that improved on the story, such as Boggs saying something differently (a specific thing) and of course the HaymitchxEffie kiss!!

Now if I could just get Daryl and Carol together in Walking Dead XD

Didn't get to see Hanson this year but that's alright.  I got to see a live stream of one of their concerts and that more than made up for it.

As for the downsides this year I did have family issues, but then again who doesn't?  My grandmother isn't doing very well, and my grandfather passed away.  He and I had our differences, but he did teach me something, and I know he loved me, and that means a lot as well.  I intend to better myself as a person even more next year, and while that's a little scary for me, it's something I've promised myself and a lot of people that I will do.

I could tell you tons of stories about my time her in Scotland already.  lol Gem would kill me for a couple.  She got me a sniper rifle key chain and while in Glasgow a few days later I got a necklace with a rifle charm.  Walking through the mall later she asked me "is the gun in my bag?" and I had to hold my laughter in while I said. "No it's in mine."  Then I snorted and whispered, "Gem you just asked which one of us had the "gun" in a mall full of people." XD I can already see her giving me a look now when she reads this and it's perilous since I'm in choking distance XD; but really I'm writing it for the memory's sake not to poke fun.  We rode on this swinging chair ride in the cold and it was a blast.  All of the Christmas lights in Glasgow were beautiful.  I look like a damn tourist taking pictures but I hardly care.  I'm having the time of my life.

Her birthday was also a bunch of fun XD I tried this mixed drink called Blue Wicked and actually enjoyed it!  I've been watching a series called "Mrs. Brown's Boys" and have loved that.  I've enjoyed trying all of the new food, watching movies, and just...finally having my best friend, my sister.  After so long by myself...just being here means everything to me.  Everything.  I don't regret coming here at all.  I'd have regretted not coming.  I truly feel I'm among the other half of my family now that I'm here.  I truly feel like I'm alive.

I miss my cats and yeah you're gonna miss home sometimes but, I really don't regret it at all.

I've posted more about the trip on my Facebook page, including photos, but I think for the time being they're set only to friends of mine.  At some point I'll get around to sharing them with you all here once I figure out how.  We're still planning a couple of trips back to Glasgow, at least one to the coast, one to a castle, and even Belfast at some point!

I'm not planning on reneweing my membership on here. Sorry dA you've just gone too far.  There's no way I'm gonna pay 50 for something that was once 40.  I know it might be well worth it, but I can't afford it.  You're not even offering incentive to get the 1 year package.  I'll just have to forgo the premium perks from now on unless someone gifts one to me or I do eventually settle my finances to the point where I can afford one again.

Well...I think I'll stop there.  I didn't think I'd have much to write about this year, but I actually did!  I have high hopes going into 2016, and all I can say is, if your year was good then awesome, if it was bad, just step back and realize the difference a year can make.  I took this from my New Year journal last year.

My biggest wish would be to see my little sister in person finally like we've wanted to.  I REALLY hope that happens.  Anything else, I'm just gonna go along for the ride!

And look what happened?  I finally got to see her!  This is what I'll hold on to when things start to get rough. 

I think the biggest things this year that happened on the creative front were my new backstory for my character Joel, a secret change, which is basically a MAJOR character getting a big overhaul, and of course Luke.

Luke Bertier by ReverseTheEclipse

Anyway I'll see you all in 2016!  Happy New Year from Scotland from both me and Gem!!

:icongemzybabee: :iconreversetheeclipse:

Thanks for reading!


Camillia Gazing: Image by LunarMew


Medula Pretty Chibi by GemzyBabee

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Lauren Starr
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:star:My Bio:star:


Please check out the Bio page I've linked you to above. These quick facts below are all repeated there, and the expanded bio has just about everything you could want to know about me.

I go by my first and middle name.

Name: Lauren Starr
Age: 24
D.O.B. May 6, 1988

Zodiac Signs

Sun Sign: Taurus
Moon Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Sign: Dragon
Celtic Sign: Willow


Band: Hanson
Color: Blue
Soft Drink: Dr. Pepper
Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (also my fave book) and Avatar
Couples: SchroederxLucy, Jake SullyxNeytiri, KnuxAmy, ShadowxRouge, SonicxBlaze, RoxasxNamine

(All of my favorite couples are on my bio page)

Likes: Music, Writing, Drawing, playing Video games, doing crosswords, collecting stuff.
Dislikes: Excessive heat and cold, headaches, pollen getting my car dirty, colds, people who can't accept other opinions.

Favorite video games: Pokemon Platinum, Neopets, Kingdom Hearts 2, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sonic Unleashed, Paper Mario series.

Favorite Quotes

"Everybody has their own opinion, that's part of life. It's fine, you know?" ~ Taylor Hanson

"T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More" ~ Gary Busey

Final Facts

I've been singing all of my life, literally.
I've been writing for ten years.
I've been drawing for almost four years,
And have been a member of dA that same amount of time.

I also have a cat, and my mom has a dog.

(This is an abbreviated bio page is better than this.)


Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!! Still not updating my journal XD Yeah sorry about that.  I don't want to lose how nice it looks on my page, plus it's a special journal so I'm just leaving it alone and using status messages XD If I ever get Core I'll update the journal again.  But yeah thanks! =D Thanks for watches, faves, and comments too!



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